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What do Executive Matchmaking Members receive?

Executive Matchmaking Members will communicate directly with our Founder and Senior Matchmaker throughout their contract. Each step in the process will be discussed personally, giving members the chance to talk through what they desire in a relationship, rather than relying on written words alone. Every aspect of this service is developed to provide the most tailored search possible. Executive Matchmaking Members will not be "tossed around" and will only work with the Senior Matchmaker. Executive Matchmaking Members receive professional recruiting services in the area(s) of their choosing.

How Do Matches Work?

Photos & Bio – Both parties will receive a profile image and background bio for approval before accepting the match.

Percentage of Preferences – Executive Matchmaking Members are guaranteed each match will meet at least 80% of their preferences. Preferences include education level, height, hair color, religious background, et cetera.

Feedback – Our Executive Matchmaking team will retrieve feedback from Executive Members after each match.

What Constitutes a Match?

A match is considered complete when both parties have approved the match and communication between the two individuals has taken place. The Heart Market will replace a match after this point if special circumstances are present.

No Stagnant Pools

A common issue with high-end matchmaking services is the recycling of matches. While matchmakers aren’t necessarily doing this to scam their clients, it is a regular occurrence for women (in particular) to agree to date men from more than one company at a time. The Heart Market is constantly recruiting new extraordinary singles for our Executive Matchmaking Members, meaning our matches will be fresh, personalized and hand-selected. We do not keep a “used” pool of candidates for our Executive Matchmaking Members.


The Heart Market does not claim to provide anonymity, nor do we require a Member that is matched with an Executive Matchmaking Member to keep that person’s identity confidential. We simply will not publicize the Executive Matchmaking Member unless they agree to allow for marketing of their persons, which would include the use of personal images and/or basic profile information. No income, last name, specific employer information or street address will ever be made public.


Executive Matchmaking Memberships are Limited

As The Heart Market is dedicated to the highest quality of service, we will cap Executive Matchmaking Memberships when our team’s current capacity is reached. We will announce the availability of new openings as Executive Matchmaking Members find success and no longer need our assistance.



Executive Matchmaking Memberships

 Tier 1

Tier 1

 Tier 2

Tier 2

 Tier 3

Tier 3

12 Matches in 12 Months

Our base program for Executive Matchmaking is best for members that have decided to make finding their amazing partner a top priority in life, right now! This means that your schedule is relatively open and you have time to focus on finding love.

18 Matches in 12 Months

Our mid-tier package is designed for busier members that are making their love life a priority, but still need to work around a schedule. This package also allows for more time with a match to “see where things go,” without using your contracted time. 

24 Matches in 18 Months

Furthermore, if you are not in a committed relationship after the total of 30 months, The Heart Market will grant you an additional year of service with a total of up to 12 Matches free of charge. We call this our "Till Death Do Us Part" package.


All 3 Executive Matchmaking Program Tiers Include:

  • A current photo of each lady prior to approving
  • Speaking with a Matchmaker prior to initiating contact with a match to review their bio
  • Feedback with a Matchmaker to discuss your date experience and how to move forward
  • Matches will be in the areas of your choice
  • Specialized recruiting to fit your needs
  • Match will meet 80% of your preferences
  • Date coaching as needed


General Inquiries

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