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By: Jordan | March 23, 2017

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By: Jordan | January 18, 2017

Executive Matchmaking Member Overview

Executive Matchmaking's Most Dedicated Agency

This Executive Matchmaking Member is 52 years old. He is 6'1 and in great shape. He lives in Nashville, but also has homes in Colorado and Florida. He travels often. Executive Matchmaking Member is looking for a forever relationship. He would love to get married and spoil you rotten…as long as you treat him right! Executive Matchmaking Member works in investments, real estate and owns two restaurants as well.

He has been very successful and loves what he does. He is outgoing, honest, hard-working, compassionate, funny, friendly, very social, and adventurous. Executive Matchmaking Member has a great social circle and is very close with his family. He has traditional beginnings and wholesome values. He trav...

By: Jordan | October 04, 2016

37-Year-Old, Hard-Working Professional with Perfect Body!

Executive Matchmaking Member Overview:

This Executive Matchmaking Member is a hard-working professional with a perfect body. She is 37-years-old and lives in League City, Texas. Executive Matchmaking Member is 5’4, with dark hair, and dark eyes. She was born and raised in Puerto Rico – where she earned her degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Puerto Rico – and moved to Texas for work about twelve years ago. Executive Matchmaking Member works fulltime as a Contracts Administrator and loves her job. She is kind and open-minded. Executive Matchmaking Member has her priorities well in order, as she is passionate about her family, health/fitness, work, and living a ha...

By: Jordan | September 29, 2016

Amazing 41-Year-Old Dentist in Denver

Executive Matchmaking Member Overview:

This Executive Matchmaking Member is an amazing looking 41-year-old Dentist living in Denver, Colorado. She is 5’7, has blond hair, blue eyes, and is very physically fit! Executive Matchmaking Member was born in Illinois and raised in Montana and Nebraska, where she earned her DDS Degree from the University of Nebraska’s College of Dentistry. She has been living in Denver for almost fifteen years now and works as a Dentist 3 days a week. Executive Matchmaking Member is a friendly, fun, intelligent, genuine, and charming woman, with a creative and laid back personality. She is a foodie and wine lover, as well as being very health oriented. This Executive Matchmaki...