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Unhappy with Your Executive Matchmaking Agency?

The Heart Market is now offering concierge service for individuals that are NOT getting what they want out of their contract with other agencies. We are not offering a way to get you out of that contract. We are giving you a way to get the very most out of the time and dates you have left.


What causes a break in vital communication with a matchmaker? 

The most common issues are:


This is the number one cause. Men can be timid when expressing their true wants.


Often, two strangers simply don’t connect. Whether it be clashes in communication style or basic personality differences.

Matchmaker does Not work for YOU

They work for their company and if their company’s culture puts anything but serving their clients first, you may have a hard time being heard.


How does The Executive Heart Market Concierge Service help?

Industries Top Matchmaker

Misty (Founder & Senior Matchmaker) brings compassionate, blunt and effective communication style to her dealings with both you and the agency you are currently working with. “No” is never an answer. She will ensure the company delivers the results that were promised when they collected that great sum of money.

Personal Confidante

Misty is personable and relatable. She truly believes that everyone deserves their own form of happiness. She wants to learn about you and what you truly need to find love.


Having been in the industry for nearly a decade now, you will gain the background of a true industry professional. She is well-versed in other agencies business practices and how to influence those processes in your favor.

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